Oops, something went wrong :( UI not working, support needed

The server is running ok from, the command line but when I open the browser I see the phrase "Oops, something went wrong :(" It was working okay an hour ago though. Idk what went wrong

Hi @aisha_harbi , to better debug this, might need to see the logs again. Similar to the previous thread, can you do something like:

PRODIGY_LOGGING=verbose prodigy ...

Whenever we encounter a problem related to the browser, getting that information would be really helpful.

Nothing out of the ordinary, it is running fine on the terminal, but once I open the browser the UI gives me an error message
These are the logs:

11:48:07: INIT: Setting all logging levels to 10
11:48:07: CLI: limiting user sessions to list: user1, user2, user3, user4, user5, user6, user7, user8

============================ ✨  Available recipes ============================

dep.teach, dep.correct

compare, mark, match, print-dataset, print-stream, review, spacy-config, train,
train-curve, data-to-spacy, stats, drop, db-in, db-out, db-merge, progress

ner.teach, ner.manual, ner.correct, ner.make-gold, ner.silver-to-gold,

textcat.teach, textcat.manual, textcat.correct

pos.teach, pos.correct, pos.make-gold

sent.teach, sent.correct

terms.teach, terms.to-patterns




audio.manual, audio.transcribe

spans.manual, spans.correct

I even restarted the server thinking it was a problem from my side, but nothing changed

Usually, when you have this error, it means that the server isn't running and the error itself will still show up in the terminal. My hunch is that it is a network connection (i.e., the frontend is cached on your end but the server isn't connected).

A few things you can check would be:

  • Ensure that connection in your database is correct
  • If you're using a custom recipe, ensure that it's working well
  • Try running the same command in a local PC first, and check if it's working to isolate the problem