Server will not start prodigy 1.11.6

The server was working fine yesterday, this morning however it will not start

Can you provide a traceback or error message? You can do so by running:

PRODIGY_LOGGING=verbose prodigy ...
07:56:20: INIT: Setting all logging levels to 10
07:56:20: CLI: limiting user sessions to list: user1, user2, user3, user4, user5, user6, user7, user8

============================ ✨  Available recipes ============================

dep.teach, dep.correct

compare, mark, match, print-dataset, print-stream, review, spacy-config, train,
train-curve, data-to-spacy, stats, drop, db-in, db-out, db-merge, progress

ner.teach, ner.manual, ner.correct, ner.make-gold, ner.silver-to-gold,

textcat.teach, textcat.manual, textcat.correct

pos.teach, pos.correct, pos.make-gold

sent.teach, sent.correct





audio.manual, audio.transcribe

spans.manual, spans.correct

Never mind, it's back on. Thanks