when i try to run ner.teach it doesn't open the webserver

thank you for your excellent product!
When I type
prodigy dataset my_set1 "A new dataset"
a receive
? Successfully added 'my_set1' to database SQLite.
that's good.
but when i type
prodigy ner.teach my_set en_core_web_sm news_headlines.jsonl
then i receive
until a few minutes later when i press ctrl c to quit, and then it finally prints out
? Starting the web server at http://localhost:8080 ...
Open the app in your browser and start annotating!
but of course by then it is too late... because my command line already quit.

is there a way i can be notified by email that someone replied to this... it makes it easier, so i don't have to just check here always.
many thanks!

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

And that's very strange. What happens if you set the environment variable PRODIGY_LOGGING=basic? Do you see the logs? Also, what operating system and terminal are you using? Is there anything that might be reading from your standard output? And what happens if you go to localhost:8080 immediately after a few seconds? Is the app running?

Yes, I think you can enable notifications for threads if you click the notificaion button at the bottom and set it to "watching". Also see here (our forum is powered by Discourse): Email notifications for a topic - support - Discourse Meta