Oops, something went wrong error on one of multi-session

I have Prodigy v1.11.7 running on a EC2 that is currently being accessed by a few people to do image annotations. I have multi-session enable. Occasionally, I get reports that the "Oops, something went wrong error" appears. However, when I access the same session link, it appears fine and no error. I'm not sure what is wrong. Additionally, it seems to only occur on one of the named sessions.

hi @kpang!

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A few initial questions:

  1. Is the user with the issues getting it when first annotating or are they able to annotate/save but then some time later get the error?
  2. Have you modified your feed_overlap setting? It defines whether to send out each example once so it’s annotated by someone (false ) or whether to send out each example to every session (true ). By default it is false.
  3. Do you know what browsers (Chrome, FireFox, etc.) your annotators are using? anything unique in the user reporting issues versus you/users who are not?
  4. Just to confirm, when you say you've enabled "multi-session", you mean you've added ?session=xxx to each annotation app URL's, correct? Are you saving them all to the same Prodigy dataset?

The message in the app is usually shown when Prodigy itself raises an error and stops the server. The problem is it can be due to many different causes.

Can you you tell if there's an error message in your terminal? That should explain what the underlying problem was that means that the app couldn't start – like a data validation issue, or something else. One alternative is to enable logging by prefixing your command with PRODIGY_LOGGING=basic or PRODIGY_LOGGING=verbose (more details).

If you don't see an error in your terminal, then it may not be a server-side problem but a client (browser). This would likely be the case if others don't see the same bug. Can you ask the annotator to try to open their browser's developer console (e.g., Chrome) and see if there's an error there. That may help too.

I've found another instance of EC2 + multi-session where the user received the error. It may not be relevant and for a different underlying cause, but providing just in case.

Hope this gives you some help and hopefully we can figure out this issue.

  1. For one session, it occurred when they first started. I now get reports of other sessions erroring after some annotations are completed.
  2. I have that set to false.
  3. They are using Chrome
  4. Correct. They are all saved to one dataset.

I have just enable basic logging and not seeing any errors in the terminal. What's interesting is that the it only errors on their end. But when I use the same url with the named session, it works fine.

@ryanwesslen If the annotators access the url with the same (shared) desktop, would that somehow impact prodigy being not able to fetch new documents?

hi @kpang!

So two annotators access different urls (e.g., due to different ?session=xxx) from the same shared computer and annotations are saved to the same Prodigy dataset? Are their annotation sessions overlapping during the same time or would the first user complete/save before the second annotator begin?

If feed_overlap = false and users annotation sessions overlap in any time, then each user will be served different annotations. However, that shouldn't cause the original "Oops, something went wrong" error.

Is this question different than your original error/issue? Wondering if you uncovered any details from logging/debugging (either on server or client/browser side).