Is is possible to buy 1 license only?

Well, I’m the only data guy in my company which is quite small (hopefully someday we will have 5 data scientists!). Given that we don’t need at the moment 5 licenses. So the question is can I buy just one license instead of this package of 5?

Yes, you can always get the personal license for yourself. The main difference to a company seat is that the license will be made out to you, can’t be shared with others (which is no problem, if you’re the only data guy) and if you ever leave your company, you’ll get to take Prodigy with you.

We thought a lot about how to get a pricing scheme that would allow us to offer a low price point, good flexibility and few usage restrictions.The approach we’ve gone with for companies is basically per-team pricing, with a team defined as up to five people. Bundling the licenses into packs of five is also what lets us offer floating licenses (where the restrictions would become more difficult to define if we offered single seats).

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Amazing, Ines!

Thank you!

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