Correct license type

We are a technology solution provider company who will be working on a project for another organization. I need Prodigy for 2 data scientists in my team. Which is the correct license to use, personal or company?


I think a company pack would be the best fit for your situation. The personal licenses would be owned by the data scientists directly, rather than your company, and they’re not transferrable. The company pack is provided on a per-team basis, with a “team” defined as 1-5 licenses. The licenses are floating, so different people can use the licenses at different points in time. If you do another project where Prodigy will be useful, you’ll be able to use the same licenses, even if you need different people to be working on the new project.

Thanks a lot for your response. Can I buy only two licenses under Company pack or it has to be minimum 5 licenses?

It’s a minimum of 5 licenses. Because the licenses are floating, it really only works on a per-team basis — we couldn’t offer the floating licenses individually.


I have a related question. We are an EU funded project H2020 (Innovation action) comprised by Universities, research institutes, SMEs, and companies. As such, we are not a “legal entity” in the strict sense and every time we buy something, in reality one of the partners that buys it. We are interested in Prodigy, but our situation is tricky because:

A) For the university guys (single research team), hey would need to convince at least the whole CS department for the investment, which takes time.
B) If one of the companies buys it, then it seems to me it can use those seats only in the context of the company. Am I right?

Is there any possible workaround here, or we would need to scope the work so one single partner (or consultant) does all the work with Prodigy and that one buys the license?

There’s not really an elegant solution to this I’m sorry to say. You could get personal licenses perhaps? Otherwise, I hope one or two company packs to the relevant institutions won’t be too uneconomic.

I’m sure you’ve found this frustrating for other software licenses as well. Unfortunately your arrangement is an edge-case that we have no good way of accommodating.