small startup discount

We are only a team of 6 people in total and training will be done by one person (with maybe one more person supporting). So buying 5 seats is a but much. Is there a way to get a discount or permission to use the personal license as long as certain criteria are met? The buy page doesn’t detail exactly if the labels “personal” and “company” come with an actual expectation or if they just identify a rough target audience.

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I would recommend looking at the Prodigy terms where it is more explicit about defining "personal" and "license" with a few hypothetical examples.

We cannot offer the company licenses individually, but you could instead go with a personal license if you prefer. This would mean the license is allocated to a specific person (not the company), and if they go, the license goes with them.

The license system is basically to have company packs on a “per team” basis, with a team operationalized as 1-5 people. This matches up pretty well with how we’ve seen people using the software. The licenses are “floating” and transferrable within the company, so we cannot issue them one-by-one.

If you do purchase a personal license and realize you want to upgrade later on to the company pack, we’d be happy to discount the price of the personal license towards the company pack. Just send us an email to