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Prodigy Personal account can be used for commercial environment !?
Please brief me.
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Yes, as it says on the website a personal license can be used for commercial projects:

freelancer, indie developer, hobbyist

  • lifetime license with 12 months of free upgrades
  • unlimited use for personal and professional projects


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We are from Techmahindra It Company, so this Personal edition can be purchased for commercial purpose !?

Please check and confirm.


If you purchase a personal license, you’ll be able to use it at work and for commercial purposes at your company. Just note that a personal license can only be issued to named individuals, not companies. If you want the license to be held by the company, you probably want to go for a company pack instead. See here for details:

thanks for the clarification,but COMPANY pack is available for only 5 pack,can’t this be available only for 1 seat for 490$ ?!


Company licenses are only available in packs of 5, yes. The license system is basically to have company packs on a “per team” basis, with a team operationalised as 1-5 people. This matches up pretty well with how we’ve seen people using the software. The licenses are “floating” and tranferrable within the company, so we cannot issue them one-by-one.

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assuming i bought a single personal license, can I install it on 2 machines? my monster AI PC at the lab and my daily laptop PC that i am usually working on?

@omrison Yes, absolutely! If it’s only you that has access to the Prodigy installer/back-end, you can install it on any of your machines, including cloud machines :slightly_smiling_face:

Verifying this is clear and approved.
I can install on 2 different machines and work on any of them as long as this is only me.

Please approve

I was thinking about purchasing the personal license.
Most of my doubts were clarified seeing the previous responses save one which is,
How do i save/export the annotated data or rather where are all the details of the annotated data stored?


By default, the annotations are stored in a local SQLite database. But you can also configure Prodigy to use PostgreSQL or MySQL (see here) or write your own fully custom database adapter (see here for an example).

Using the db-out method, you can export a dataset to a JSONL file. Each entry is represented as prettx straightforward JSON, so it should also be no problem to use the data for other processes outside of Prodigy.

prodigy db-out your_dataset > annotations.jsonl
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That’s all the info I needed, thanks!

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I have a small doubt, I am planning to buy personal License , if I buy 1 personal license can I add my fellow annotater in my project? Because we need to use IAA feature of Prodigy for good quality of data.

I am planning to buy Personal License of Prodigy. But I can add my fellow annotaters in the same project which I will be setting up in my system?

Yes, that's no problem. Annotators who only have access to the hosted web app don't require a license, so you can have as many annotators as you need. A license is required for everyone who has access to the Python library and back-end.

Okay.. Can you explain then what is difference between the Company License and Personal License. A bit confused.

The Personal License is a lifetime license assigned to a specific person. It can't be transferred to another person. The Company License is assigned to a company and includes 5 developer seats for teams of up to 5 people. The seats can be transferred between developers, so if one person leaves, someone else can take over.