prodigy license EC2 question

Hi. I want to ask if I could run 5 different recipes in 5 different EC2 engines simultaneously if I only own 1 prodigy license. Is this feasible or am I only allowed to run prodigy in just one EC2 engine?


The personal license is really intended to be used by you yourself, so it sounds like the usage pattern you have in mind would be outside what we expect.

Designing license terms that match the reality of the software and our values as developers while also being commercially reasonable for the company is really hard. From the start the concept of Prodigy has been to provide a developer-friendly tool, and we saw that making it downloadable would allow us to provide a distinct experience. We also didn't want to add licensing restrictions that would get in the way of good development practices, such as continuous integration or infrastructure as code.

If you're the only one using the software across the EC2 instances then it's fine to do that on the personal license. But if you're using it at work and putting up services for lots of different people, you should get the company license. It's still only a once-off price, which is great value in comparison to subscription services.

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Sweet! Yeah it's just me using it. I just want to curate more than one piece of data across my 5 friends helping me with the project to speed up things up. I have been part of this community for a while now and respect it very much. Thank you Matthew.

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