Upgrade Personal license to Company license - Need help in Installation Steps

Recently bought prodigy company license version, I am currently using prodigy personal license for NER tagging.
Now I want to upgrade from personal license to company license - I have setup linux installation file,

  1. Do i need to uninstall the personal license and install the company version or by create a new environment can i keep both [will this work for me]? I'm not able to find the documentation regards this can you guide me on this migration?

  2. Is there a way to convert the Personal into comapany license !!

Hi! This should be no problem – answers below:

The installer you'll be able to download is the same and there's no difference in the software itself – the license just defines who is allowed to use it. So you also shouldn't have to migrate anything.

(That said, it's totally possible to have multiple versions of Prodigy installed in different virtual environments. If you're not using virtual environments yet, I highly recommend it. It makes your workflows much cleaner and if something goes wrong, you can just delete your env and start over.)

We can probably work something out! Just email us at contact@explosion.ai and include the order ID of your personal license (starting with #EX...).