Pricing model is not flexible!

Hi there. I'm the founder of a very young startup. We want to purchase a business license, but the pricing model is too rigid.

We don't need five developer seats at this moment. It's too much for us and too expensive. At the same time, the personal license is not suitable, as we might need to transfer the license later on from one developer to another.

Is there a solution to this problem? The ideal case for us is to purchase a Company License with only one seat and add more seats later on as our team grows.

Is this possible?


We cannot offer the company licenses individually, but you could instead go with a personal license if you prefer. This would mean the license is allocated to a specific person, and if they go, the license goes with them. But if you wanted to upgrade to a company pack later on, we'd be happy to discount the price of the personal license towards the company pack.

okay. Can I have it via official email that when I want to upgrade to a company license, the previous purchases of individual licenses would be discounted?


Hi @hisham_hussein!

Feel free to email us at and we can email details on our licensing.