Pricing : Company package seats query

We are considering purchasing Prodigy. In the pricing page, for company package, it’s mentioned that the cost is $490 per seat and it comes in a package of 5 seats. Here, does the seat means no of account? If we go ahead to purchase the company plan, do we have to purchase the whole package and pay $2450 at a time as it comes in a package of 5 seats? Can we just purchase 2 or 3 seats?

Hi! Company licenses are only available in packs of 5, yes. The license system is basically to have company packs on a “per team” basis, with a team operationalised as 1-5 people. This matches up pretty well with how we’ve seen people using the software. The licenses are “floating” and tranferrable within the company, so we cannot issue them one-by-one.

Seats are developer seats, so everyone who will have access to the Prodigy back-end, Python library, command line interface and can start annotation tasks will need a seat. Annotators who will only have access to the web app do not require a license.