Who do I contact for purchase specific questions.

I was trying to find the email or support tab and wanted to ask questions about the Company package. My boss was asking about personal health information risks/leakage and wanted to know if we did buy the 5 seat package is it interchangeable between users and if we wanted to update it would it just be to pay the pay the 1715 dollars after the one year?


Hi! Our central email contact is contact@explosion.ai :slightly_smiling_face:

To already answer your question: The 5 seats included in the company pack are "floating" and transferrable within the company, so if one user leaves, another person can take over. The license comes with 12 months of free upgrades and after that, you can choose to add another 12 months for USD 1715. I'm not 100% sure what you mean about personal health information risk, but Prodigy runs entirely on your own hardware and never "phones home" or otherwise connects to our or other third-party servers. So if you're working with sensitive data, you can even run it on a completely air-gapped machine with no internet access to meet your compliance requirements (which is how many users working on health data for instance do it).