Windows11 Prodigy successfully installed but unable to run

I am new to the tool.
I installed and checked the stats which works good.
However I am unable to go see the UI on localhost:8080.
What are the next steps to get to the UI of the tool?

python -m pip install prodigy --extra-index-url

python -m prodigy stats

Welcome to the forum @Hyanam :wave:

First of all - thanks for trying out Prodigy!
Now, just to exclude the obvious: some of Prodigy recipes/commands spin up the UI and others are only terminal-based (marked as "terminal only" in the recipe API docs). stats is one of those terminal only commands, so you shouldn't expect the UI on localhost:8080 in that case.
Just mentioning it, because you haven't shared any other Prodigy command you tried. If you did try a command that spins the annotation server e.g. ner.manual and nothing happened, could share the exact command you tried and what was the corresponding output in terminal?