Prodigy Installation issue(Windows 11)

I'm experiencing challenges setting up Prodigy on my Windows computer. While the installation seems to complete without issues, I'm unable to connect to the server. When I use the "prodigy stats" command, it opens a shell script instead of establishing a server connection. Additionally, I occasionally receive an error stating "prodigy is not recognized as an internal or external command." I've tried multiple Python versions (3.9, 3.10, 3.11) and even set up a virtual environment, but the issue persists. Interestingly, I can import Prodigy within a Python script without a problem. Here are the installation steps I followed:

  1. python -m pip install prodigy -f
  2. python -m spacy download en_core_web_sm
  3. prodigy stats

Could you assist me with this?

Hi Atharva!

Just for me understanding, are you installing Prodigy on a server or on your local machine?

Assuming you're running the python -m pip install commands from a virtual environment, could you try running this instead?

python -m prodigy stats

Thankyou, It worked.