localhost renders the GUI, but can't stream the source data

I am doing some work for a client and have to access their data on cluster of their computers. I have installed my copy of prodigy on their cluster (I am the only one who will be using it) and the installation works fine. When I try to start annotating everything appears fine, at the terminal I am directed to localhost per usual. However when I point the browser on the cluster to localhost the web page elements render fine but we get a message saying the project couldn’t be fetched and that we should check if the server is started correctly. All we get is the sad emoji. Any ideas please? My client’s tech support are stumped.

If you’re running it on their cluster, how are you connecting to the server running on localhost?

I would’ve expected the html to not load, so I’m not sure precisely what’s going on. You could try making a direct request to the API from another terminal, e.g. something like curl http://localhost:8000/get_questions