Oops, something went wrong :(, but everything else working


I am creating a custom Prodigy recipe that simply parses a file and creates a stream, and plugs that into the ner.teach recipe. Everything seems to be going well until I bring up the web application, when I get the familiar “Oops, something went wrong :(” message.

However, if I hit accept/reject, the web app work as it should, with annotations appearing on the right side under history. Additionally I am able to save them to a dataset and view them. the only thing that isn’t working is viewing the text/annotation area.

I’ll add that I’ve had no trouble with Prodigy before this, and have been able to annotate and create models using the default recipes.


Hi! Looks like you might have hit a bug in the web app that caused Prodigy to fail at rendering the annotation card (which explains why everything else works).

Could you check the console in your browser’s developer tools to see if there’s an error message there? Also, which interface are you using and what does your data look like?

This is the error that Chrome is giving:

bundle.js:1 TypeError: n.map is not a function
at t.value (bundle.js:1)
at u (bundle.js:1)
at beginWork (bundle.js:1)
at r (bundle.js:1)
at i (bundle.js:1)
at a (bundle.js:1)
at S (bundle.js:1)
at x (bundle.js:1)
at y (bundle.js:1)
at h (bundle.js:1)

I don't understand what you mean by interface? I can't get too much into the data, but I'm formatting it into a stream that looks like [{"text": "some text"}, {"text": "some text"}....]

Thanks! This definitely looks like a bug and a badly-handled null value or something. Sorry abpout that!

Sorry if this was confusing – I meant the view_id you return from your recipe that defines which UI to use.

I don't return a view_id. My recipe is essentially a wrapper for ner.teach so I expected that to take care of it

Ahh okay – in that case, the view_id is also ner, just like in the "parent recipe". What's your custom recipe wrapper doing?