Windows UI Issue with dropdowns

Hi there – we’re noticing that when we host prodigy for group annotation (using the ner.manual recipe), those accessing Prodigy from a Windows machine cannot properly view the menu items that store the labels. Screenshot below.

Is this an issue with the ANSI colors? I’m uncertain because everything else seems to render fine.


Ah, damn :sweat: This is definitely not a problem on your end, but a slightly annoying browser quirk – basically, in some cases, the text color is inherited by the dropdown options, and in others it isn’t or is overwritten. I really thought I had this covered, but looks like I didn’t. Sorry about that.

Which browser are you using btw? Just so I can make sure to test and debug this properly.

In the meantime, you can always define a label set of 10 or less. This will display all labels as buttons in a row, and make them accessible via keyboard shortcuts. If possible, we’d always recommend annotating fewer labels at a time – it makes it much easier to focus on the task if your brain only has to think about a small number of options. It also means you have to do less switching between labels.

Much appreciated – some problems are persistent. :slight_smile:

And I had them check in Chrome and IE – same issue in both. On the Mac users, the front end looks fine in Safari and Chrome. Thanks for the temporary solution though!