Labels Size not changing after adding <"global_css":".prodigy-content mark span { font-size: 5px }"> to config

I have a problem with changing the labels size.
I have added this to my config as it is stated: "global_css":".prodigy-content mark span { font-size: 5px }"
But nothing is changing still.

The drop down menu works fine, but the shortcuts for the labels are gone when switching to the drop down menu option.

Thank you.

Hi! Two things to check:

  • If you added the global_css to your recipe config, make sure you don't have a global_css value in your prodigy.json, which would override the recipe settings.
  • If there are no conflicts: You typically shouldn't have to do this, but try font-size: 5px !important.

The keyboard shortcuts currently only apply to the list – for the dropdown, you can also tab into it and type, so the shortcuts are a bit less relevant here.

Hi Ines,
There's nothing in my prodigy.json file except the address. I added !important as you suggested but still no luck. I have a custom theme with those values in the config: "custom_theme":{
"cardMaxWidth": 800,
"smallText": True },
Not sure if that might be an issue.
Great for the dropdown menu, that works like a charm.

Thank you.