ner_manual_label_style more than 10 - still don't want dropdown

I’m looking to use more than 10 labels in NER_manual, and the dropdown interface is really difficult to use. Is there any way to override the 10 label restriction for the new display in v1.3? I’d like to have ~22 labels displayed so I can click on each instead of navigating into a dropdown (don’t need the shortcuts). Thanks!

Displaying more than 10 labels in the list view is coming in Prodigy v1.4.0! See this thread:

In general, we'd still recommend using much smaller label sets – even if it means making multiple passes over the data. It's tempting to do everything at once, but annotation is often much more efficient and faster if your brain can focus on one or two categories at a time (instead of having to keep track of all the available options). Matt's comment here goes into some more details on this.

Thanks very much, I missed that previous support item! Looking forward to it in 1.4. In the meantime, we’ll try to make do with the dropdown for now, we need more than 10 in this specific case.

Just released Prodigy v1.4.0, which now allows label sets of up to 30 labels (with keyboard shortcuts). The list view is now also the default. (To use the dropdown, you’ll have to explicitly set "ner_manual_label_style": "dropdown" in your config.)

Copying over the keyboard shortcuts explanation from the PRODIGY_README.html, for reference:

The numbers 1 to 9 map to the options 1 through 9, and 0 maps to option 10. For interfaces with more than 10 options, e.g. manual annotation with larger label sets, the options 11 though 20 are available via shift+num and 21 through 30 via shift+alt+num. For example, shift+6 will select option 16, and shift+alt+0 option 30.