Problems when trying to display large number of labels for image manual annotations

Hi, When I try to display a lot of labels (like around 80 - coco dataset) in the UI, the image rendering is affected in image manual annotation mode.

But, it is working perfectly fine when few labels are present

The issue persisted in both Chrome and Firefox. Any workarounds or I am missing something here?

Hi @abhijit-2592,

I believe you can change this style by passing an option in your prodigy.json file:

   "ner_manual_label_style": "dropdown",
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Yep, for that many labels, you probably want to use a dropdown – or make several passes over your data with fewer labels. Prodigy’s UI is optimised for fast annotation, so we’d typically discourage framing an annotation problem in a way that’d require the annotator to choose from 80 labels.

@justindujardin Thanks! this did the work

@ines Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:.