Using Prodigy with JupyterLab

I tried using Prodigy with JupyterLab and due to proxy issue I could install the extension jupyterlab-prodigy only through npm install jupyterlab-prodigy . As you see in the attached image all went fine except the annotation interface didn't appear automatically as a tab in the jupter lab interface. It works fine when I click on the web server url. However, the annotation interface appears in the browser instead as a new tab in the JupyterLab interface. What is missing so the annotation interface appears automatically as soon as the notebook is running?

Hi @fsa, have you tried opening the Prodigy tab from within Jupyter via the extension? Specifically, head over inside of JupyterLab, open the Commands on the left sidebar, and search/type:

Open Prodigy

Execute it, you will have a new Prodigy panel on the side.

Hi Lj Miranda, It doesn't show up there. It seems jupyterlab-prodigy is not installed correctly using npm install jupyterlab-prodigy
How I can install the jupyterlab-prodigy using jupyter labextension install jupyterlab-prodigy behind a proxy?

Hi @fsa,

First you have to ensure that your jupyterlab version is >=2.0.0, <3.0.0. Not sure if being in a proxy matters, you just need to update the install command. You can install the extension like so:

jupyter labextension install jupyterlab-prodigy

You can check these docs for more information.

Hi Lj Miranda,
I am using jupyterlab version 2.1.2. As I mentioned due to a proxy issue I can't install the extension using jupyter labextension install jupyterlab-prodigy

Failed to fetch package metadata for 'jupyterlab-prodigy': URLError(OSError(101, 'Network is unreachable'))

Hmm :thinking: , that's more tricky. I found a similar issue in this StackOverflow question that may be worth trying. One solution was to set the npm's proxy config.

Unfortunately I tried all possible ways to set the npm proxy but still didn't success to install the jupyterlab-prodigy extension behind a proxy

Hi @fsa, I'm wondering if you can try installing other extensions so that we can isolate the problem? If the problem happens at the npm level, and it happens to all other extensions, there's nothing much we can do. I'd suggest configuring the proxy differently.

Hi Lj Miranda,
I could solve the proxy issue , this command works for me: npm config set https-proxy "usr:password"@proxy.server:port
I installed the prodigy extension and I could run open prodigy and changed the url name in the Prodigy Jupyter Extension setting. All works fine !

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