New: JupyterLab extension for Prodigy

Annotate with Prodigy straight from a JupyterLab tab :tada: TL;DR, run the following from within your Prodigy environment:

pip install jupyterlab==1.0.0rc0
jupyter labextension install jupyterlab-prodigy
jupyter lab

You can then execute Prodigy commands with !prodigy or in the JupyterLab terminal. For more details, see the repo.


Hi @ines, I tried to follow your instruction to install juterlab extension for prodigy
But it gave me error message as jupyter-labextension not found

Any idea how to resolve this? Thanks

I think the command is jupyter labextension (without the hyphen)?

Hi I used jupyter labextension install jupyterlab-prodigy with out the hypen - but it get errors as Exception: Jupyter command jupyter-labextension not found.

Hmm, this sounds like a problem with JupyterLab then. Maybe you can find an answer here?

@tiangolo just gave our extension a little makeover and it now works with JupyterLab v2.0 and lets you customize the Prodigy app URL and even browse the docs while annotating, developing and prototyping!

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What is "TL;DR"?

It's short for "too long, didn't read": Urban Dictionary: tl;dr It's kind of an internet abbreviation and typically used to indicate a short summary of a longer post or explanation (e.g. for people who are impatient and want to skip reading the whole thing :sweat_smile:). Sorry if this was confusing!