jupyterlab extension not showing annotation UI within jupyter

working within Windows OS, when I run the Jupyter lab !python -m prodigy ... command within jupyter, it works (from both lab terminal and notebook) but the display is shown outside of jupyter (like nomally).

from pip list:
jupyterlab 1.0.0rc0
jupyterlab-server 1.0.0
nodejs 0.1.1
notebook 6.0.2
npm 0.1.1
prodigy 1.9.6

(prodigy) C:\Projects\prodigy>python -V
Python 3.7.6

Maybe a Windows thing?


Thanks for the report! By "shown outside of jupyter", do you mean it opens a new browser tab instead of a tab within JupyterLab? And if you open your browser's developer tools / JS console, are there any errors that look like they could be related?

Hi Ines,
Yes the prodigy display is in a separate browser tab instead of within JupyterLab. I hadn't checked the javascript console but here is a screen shot:

This isn't urgent for our project, just wanted to report back.
I'm happy to help in any way...Steve

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just found this thread - I can confirm that the Tab in the lab wouldn't open.

BUT: after a fresh install everything is fine, but after a time it will not open anymore. This is a js Prob. Prodigy works fine in a Browser Tab.

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