use of shortcuts.

I am not able to use the numbers to select options in windows and ubuntu .
Can you help why ?

Thanks for the report – it’s possible that the shortcuts are not captured correctly. I’d love to look into this in more detail, so here are some questions that will help debug this:

  • Are you using the latest version of Prodigy?
  • Which browser (and browser versions) are you using?

Yes, I am using prodigy v1.4.
Browser being used is Mozilla Firefox.

v1.4.2 or an older version? Sorry for the specific question, but there are a few front-end related things that were changed in the v1.4.x versions, so I want to make sure I’m testing on the correct version (and, of course, that the issue hasn’t already been fixed with the latest update).

prodigy - v1.4.1

Try upgrading to the latest version, v1.4.2!

Ok. Thanks . :smile: