Keyboard shortcut 11 bug

Hi Prodigy team,

We have many labels and it seems that the keyboard shortcut for 11 does not work. It treats 11 as 1. I wonder if this is a known issue and if it has been fixed already.

We use prodigy version 1.11.4.
Thank you

Hi! If you have more than 10 labels, you can use shift + the respective number for 11-20 and shift+alt for 21-30. Also see here:

The numbers 1 to 9 map to the options 1 through 9, and 0 maps to option 10. For interfaces with more than 10 options, e.g. manual annotation with larger label sets, the options 11 though 20 are available via shift+num and 21 through 30 via shift+alt+num. For example, shift+6 will select option 16, and shift+alt+0 option 30.

So in your case, shift+1 should map to option 11.