Key commands for tags 20+ ?

Keys 1-0 are for 1-10.
Keys 1-9 + shift are for 11-19

Are there any combos to reach 20+? I realize it's probably unusual to be having 20+ tags for image recognition, but in this particular instance, it does make sense.

I tried shift + cmd or shift + ctl without success. Curious for all platforms.

Suggestion: It could be cool to have Shift + Arrow Keys traverse through which tag you currently have selected.


Hi! shift+alt should get you up to 30. See the docs here for details: In Prodigy v1.9.4+, you can also use the new "keymap_by_label" setting to assign custom keys to individual labels. This would (in theory!) allow you to add as many shortcuts as you have keys available.

But as you mention, it's typically not a great idea to have that many labels, and it makes the annotation process really inefficient. There are usually better ways to solve the problem, even if your end goal is to have that many categories assigned. For instance, you could make several more focused passes over the data and group together related categories.

If your labels are hierarchical, you could start with only the top-level categories and narrow it down later. For instance, start off by drawing boxes for ANIMAL and then, in a second run, stream in each bounding box with a choice interface of the more specific options (DOG, CAT). This is especially nice for manual image annotation because you can get over the tedious part (drawing boxes) more quickly, and take care of the more specific categories in a more efficient interface. The second step is also where you'll likely have the most conflicts ("Is this a llama or an alpaca?") and you shouldn't have to be distracted by these problems while drawing boxes.