spaCy/prodigy consultants?


(Jeff) #1

Hi, I am looking to hire someone on a short term contract (2-3) months to help develop a domain specific model to recognize entities in that domain given some text. Where is the best place to find people that might do this type of work? I have looked at and it looks pretty good but wanted to put it on here to see if thats the best way to find someone. I have an expert t can do the training but need someone to help with setting up the models and doing the training tweaking work, ideally wrapping something in a microservice that we can call from the application we are building to do entity extraction. The domain is oil and gas drilling and we have a great set of public data to work with to develop the model.

(Matthew Honnibal) #2

Hi Jeff,

We’re definitely pleased to see a community of experts growing around spaCy and Prodigy, so I hope this forum can be a good place for people to get in touch. Maybe we’ll eventually want to do something a bit more organized, but for now, I think a good solution could be to just sticky this thread so it’s more visible.

For any consultants reading, feel free to post a link to your website or a quick introduction?


Hi Jeff,

Per MH’s comment below my firm does NLP-based projects that sound quite a bit like what you describe. The part where you say, “I have an expert that can do the training” sounds perfect because that’s usually where this stuff falls down :slight_smile:

Anyways, feel free to drop me a line at nm [at] initiativegroup [dot] io and I’ll be happy to share some more info about what we work on.