Prodigy Interface: text not visible

I do the food demo (16.03.2020) but once I start-up the server the proposed terms are not visible in the text bar (right window, top bar). When I select or reject the unknown word it does show the word I accepted/rejected correctly in the lhs history. You can find numerous hacks around it (check the score & sense), but that's not the idea. The terms itself are stored correctly in the dBase, and the conversion to patterns also works fine.

I have the latest version of all SW. The model file is different though. It's not ./s2v_reddit_2015_md, but s2v_reddit_2015_md/s2v_old

so, confused. What do I do wrong?

Running Ubuntu 18.02, Prodigy 2.9.9

Hi! I think you might be hitting this:

Check if your prodigy.json contains an "html_template" value and if so, remove it, because it'd otherwise overwrite the template used in the recipe. I've already added a warning for this in the upcoming Prodigy v1.10, so Prodigy will tell you if your config is overwriting something it probably shouldn't.

Hi Ines,

your suggestion did the trick. I removed html_template entry from the config file.



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Just released Prodigy v1.10, which will now show a warning in cases like this.