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Hi @pgabyl , perhaps you are referring to this? https://prodi.gy/buy
Once you obtain your license you can then install them via pip: https://prodi.gy/docs/install

Hi there, just wondering after any update on the Prodigy Teams project?

Hi! The team is still very busy working on Prodigy Teams. Any further updates will definitely be communicated here!


I was just wondering if there's any update on the Prodigy Teams project?

Many thanks!

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Hi Guys,

Is there any update on the Teams project?

We are going to be expanding our annotation team in the coming months, so if you guys have any kind of timeline that would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Knock, knock?

Thank you for your interest in Prodigy Teams! We're working hard on it and have recently hired more people for the team to help move the project forward. We'll be able to invite more external beta users soon. Thank you!

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I'll be interested in becoming a beta tester, we recently purchased prodigy licenses and it does seem like Prodigy Teams is a better fit. for us.

3 months later - could you please give us a quick update? Thanks

Is prodigy teams still being pursued? or has it been abandoned?

Yes, the team is working really hard on Prodigy Teams. We’re working on a new post with our roadmap for Prodigy v1.12, v2, and Prodigy Teams. We’ll post very soon here and share first with you all in the Prodigy community so please keep an eye out!

Thank you all for your patience and continued support!

We've updated a new thread for our roadmap: