Annotation Manager - Mechanical Turk Integration

I realize that the annotation manager is a long way out. However, I got to thinking about my company’s use case. While prodigy enables much faster model development with few people, sometimes you just need a lot of data to get the results you need.

Thus enter my idea. The annotation manager had add-ons for services like mechanical turk. It could format tasks for the service and merging results on one source from multiple workers (for quality).

This gives even small shops the ability to accumulate large data sets with out big infrastructure cost. I wouldn’t necessarily expect this kind of feature to be free either.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

We’ve definitely thought about how much it would help people to have integration with a ready workforce. As a point of detail, I really doubt we’d use AMT for this — I think their platform has a lot of limitations, and I don’t like the worker/requester dynamics that result from the way they’ve set things up.

So in summary, all I can really say is – maybe! Access to extra freelance workers is one way we would consider extending Prodigy, if we can do it in a way that works well.

Sweet. I’m excited for what you guys may cook up. The product is already a huge leg up us.