Prodigy with MTurk

Is there a way to use a prodigy interface and have be it served to be used with Mturk labelers?
I saw there was a different product annotation manager(question) but not sure if this also applies to just the normal prodigy.


Hi! Integrating Prodigy into another annotation platform like MTurk is something that's currently not included as part of the license terms.

Of course, it always depends on the type of project you're working on, but we generally recommend against outsourcing and/or crowdsourcing annotations, especially if your goal is to train a machine learning model. You really want to be iterating on your data and annotation scheme, and this usually works best if you have a group of dedicated annotators that you can talk to and that have some context around what you're doing and annotating. You can't easily get that with a crowdsourced approach. That's also why Prodigy is designed as a developer tool that you can run and host yourself.