Single Annotator - Remote working


Could you recommend a simple method to how an annotator can use Prodigy while not on the same network - i.e. working remotely.

From what I can tell this is/was something to be part of Teams.

Our expectation originally was that prodigy itself, and respective license would live on one work station, and that we could "give access" to different annotators (who may be external contractors) via something like a web interface. Is there anything like this?

Thank you.

Hi! Prodigy Teams will feature a more SaaS-like experience for managing annotation teams, queuing up annotation tasks, sending out work to your annotators and managing your clusters.

But you can also run Prodigy Standalone and make it available remotely. Prodigy is a regular web app with a Python API that you can host anywhere, so you can run it on a server and make it available with baisc auth or behind a reverse proxy. This means Prodigy and your data would stay on your machine/server and you can start different annotation tasks on different ports or hosts, and people can access them over the internet or an internal network, depending on what you need.

(Btw, a quick way to test this out locally: I like using ngrok for local development. It mirrors your localhost and gives you a public URL that you can access :slightly_smiling_face:)

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