No tasks available on textcat with jsonl file (instant submit true and false)

I had jsonl file with a weird behavior. It has 50 items,
config batch size: 10, instant submit false
with this config, when send 40 items, return "no tasks available"

When instant submit is true, when reach the 10th item return "no tasks available"
Same dataset,
Tests with different sessions

What is failing?

Hi! Which recipe are you running? And are you on the latest stable version or the nightly?

The "no tasks available" message is shown when there are no examples left returned by the stream. One common reason you may end up seeing fewer examples than in your input data is if your data contains duplicates, because Prodigy will only ask you about the same text once. Also double-check whether your dataset is empty, because Prodigy will skip examples that have been annotated previously. So if you already annotated a batch of 10 examples before, you'll only see the remaining 40.

If you're using a recipe like textcat.teach, keep in mind that this will filter the examples and focus on predictions with the most uncertain scores, so you may not be asked about every single example (unlike in the manual workflows).

I'm using textcat.manual with custom html view
tested with different jsonl files with 60 examples, "batch_size": 10, and "history_size": 10
after send 10 examples, when should retrieve new tasks

@ines some help about this? thanks
this is my browser calls (2) Prodigy - Google Chrome...
and file has 50 items, all different