"No Task Available" after 30 examples despite large dataset!

Lunched the textcat.manual recipe to label a large dataset formatted as .jsonl file. The task runs for small number of labels and stops randomly showing "NO Task available" after labeling only 40 or 50 tasks.
Any pointers?

Hi @skander , welcome to Prodigy!

My first hunch is that there may be some formatting errors in the JSONL file, leading Prodigy to believe that it ends at the 40th or 50th task. I can't say for sure without looking at your file. As a sanity-check, you can use JSON validators to verify your JSONL file.

@ljvmiranda921 Thank you for reaching back.
I am loading a jsonl format would you rather recommend a json instead?

Oh, I meant loading a JSONL format is correct, it's just that maybe there is some formatting error (e.g. stray characters, weird new lines, etc.) in your JSONL file that causes the error :slight_smile:

@ljvmiranda921 Understood, will check that out! Thank you much!