No tasks available on textcat.teach with 65k items after 2 feedbacks

I'm trying to improve a textcat model with the recipe textcat.teach
using a 65k items dataset, but when open prodigy session, only loads 2-3 items and after them, shows the "no tasks available" message
is near to impossible have only 3 items wrong
If I reload the page, shows the same items with others labels

How to fix that
prodigy version 1.11.7

Could you share the full command that you ran to trigger textcat.teach?

Also, can you confirm that the dataset contains no duplicates? Prodigy applies some hashing to prevent items from getting relabelled.

python -m prodigy textcat.teach cattier1_2 /app/data/modelos/app/model /app/data/testnews.jsonl --label /app/data/categories

the dataset hasn't duplicates, that was checked before

update: I rised from 10 to 100 the batch size, and now it works in theory
"in theory" because only is showing a little amount of categories, while the dataset more items in the others categories

Are you able to share a small subset of the data that demonstrates the same effect? If the same phenomenon occurs for the 1st ten examples then that'd be interesting to investigate deeper. I might be able to reproduce the error locally if you have those examples.

One question about your labels. You seem to run --label /app/data/categories such that it points to a file on disk. But, per the docs, the --label argument is meant to indicate a name of a single category. Do you have a label called /app/data/categories or were you hoping to consider many labels defined in a file?

to share: yes, no problem
--label check the example just below the parameters explanation
I'm using a file with labels

The label argument is meant to accept a single string with the names of the label to attach. I fear that you may be adding a label called /app/data/categories instead of the names that you're interested in.

The example that's listed on the docs shows a string split by ,, not a filepath.