no task available with jsonl file

We have a file generated lineslip_ner_manual_.jsonl
The file has 6933 lines to annotate however prodigy instance shows us no task available?
Restarting the instance lets us annotate 3 to 5 pages each line in the jsonl source we call a page because it is a page of a file, So the question is why does this happen and how to solve this? I can send you the jsonl file separate if you need it.

Hi! Just to make sure I understand the question and setup correctly: Which recipe are you using and how are you configuring Prodigy? Do you have multiple people annotating or is it just you? And do you have an example of the JSONL file? How long are the lines, do all of them have a "text"? If you enable PRODIGY_LOGGING=basic, is there anything suspicious that shows up?

I have a sample of file, is their an email I can send it to?

If you're not able to share a sample / rough example of the data publicly, you can email it to The other questions I posted in my previous comment are pretty relevant as well, but none of those should be sensitive so you can just post the answers on the thread :slightly_smiling_face:

this has been sent to your email please confirm

I did receive your file and it looks alright, but there's not much I can test with it – most of it will likely come down to your configuration: