can't annotate fully loaded jsonl data

I loaded the jsonl data in prodigy textcat.manual recipe. The file has almost 150+ lines but on prodigy ui, after annotating 3 lines it shows No tasks available. What to do in that cases?
Can anyone here show me the insights?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Kushu.

In the future, please refrain from using screenshots when sharing logs or code. The downside of a screenshot is that you cannot copy/paste/search through it and it usually makes it harder for us to figure out what going wrong.

The "No tasks available" might appear if the entire stream has been fully annotated, but that should only happen when everything has been annotated before in another session. Could you double check this by checking python -m prodigy db-out categorization? This outputs all the found annotations.

If that does not help, could you share a subset of the data with me so that I may try to reproduce this locally? Also, could you share your Python/Prodigy version?

I think it's because your dataset has 26,293 total annotations and the file you loaded contains duplicate lines.
Notepad++ has a simple Compare plugin that allows you to visually see the differences between two files.