License for use when testing an integration with an open-source library?

I'm in the process of writing an integration for Prodigy into the popular error analysis tool, FiftyOne. I was hoping to write some tests to cover my integration, but immediately then we'll run into the problem of not having a license for use in FiftyOne's Github Actions CI.

Would it be possible to have a license for the purposes of use in their CI system? I'm guessing this question has been asked before. Hoping there's a way we can figure out how to make this work, esp since I think the integration should and will benefit Prodigy users as much as it does FiftyOne users.

(For context: the integration will allow FiftyOne users a seamless experience of iterating between their annotation process and error analysis and data introspection (with FiftyOne). See here for how it works with Labelbox and here for how it works with CVAT.)

It's hard for us to give a license key to be used by a CI provider that's public. It might leak to the outside world via the CI logs if one isn't careful.

I'm wondering, do you really need a license key? Hopefully, all tests that test the general functionality should work without requiring Prodigy itself. Given that our API merely deals with lists of dictionaries in a predefined format, wouldn't you be able to mock it?

I'll try that. I guess in the end you don't just want to mock everything. The point would be to test that something hasn't changed on the Prodigy end in terms of breaking changes etc, but I guess users complaining would be the tests for that.

In any case, I'll see if I can rustle something up without, then.

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Thanks for understanding. Let me know if you need any questions about the mocks!