Demo before purchasing licenses? (and other questions)


My team has been thinking about purchasing Prodigy, but we had a couple of lingering questions after reading through the on-site documentation and were hoping to get our hands on a demo copy to try out. Would this be possible?

A couple of other questions:
How would we transfer licenses within the company, and what are the requirements for this?
How would we set up the prodigy web application for annotators to annotate our dataset?



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Hi Jen – I just realised you also sent us an email about this the other day, right? Sorry for not getting to this sooner. You can expect a reply today :blush:

Company licenses are “floating” and can be transferred between employees. If your company holds 5 licenses, this means that 5 developers can use Prodigy at the same time. One person on your team should be in charge of the license keys and they should always keep a list of the persons who are currently holding the licenses.

Annotators who will only have access to Prodigy via the web application don’t require a license.

This depends on your workflow and requirements. The only restriction is that Prodigy can’t be publicly acessible and needs to be hosted on an internal network, or behind a password-protected URL. Prodigy is a Python library that starts a web server, so you can also integrate it into your existing infrastructure and stack. During the development phase, we’ve also found Ngrok very useful – it lets you share a local web server behind a protected, public URL without having to upload any of your data to a server. Some users have also shared their custom setup for managing multiple annotator – see this thread for a cool example.


Does that mean there can be any number of annotators per installation that has 5-seats company license?
Also, a fundamental question, does the license keys restrictions apply per installation? If we have 2 installations of in 2 separate servers, can the same 5-license keys be used in both the servers?

Thank you!

Yes, that's correct. The seats are only required for developers who have access to the back-end, database, Python library, CLI etc.

Yes, there's no restriction :slightly_smiling_face: What matters is who is using the software and/or has access to it. So with a company pack, you could install Prodigy on both servers and then have 5 developers access and use it.

Thanks a lot for the clarifications!