How do I license for annotation on another premises?

My company has a 5-seat Prodigy license. We are doing consulting work for a client that can’t let their data leave the premises. For a pilot study we are using Prodigy on a sample of their data, but they are going to have to do the full annotation themseleves.

The client will just being doing annotation with the Prodigy web application, not any development work. However, they will have to install Prodigy on their secure machines. Do they have to purchase their own copy of Prodigy?

(The client wouldn’t need more than a 5-seat license so I doubt the cost is an issue, but I have to do due diligence by asking.)

A separate company license would probably be the most convenient solution, as it’d allow your client maximum flexibility. It’d also mean that they’re already set up with Prodigy, in case you’re working on other projects with them in the future.

Alternatively, your client could also make their data available via an secure API that’s only accessible by your company. The API could return a stream of examples that Prodigy can consume via a custom recipe. You could also plug in a remote database hosted on your client’s servers via the recipe’s db component. However, it’d still mean that the data has to pass through your servers, and you might have to do some additional development work.

The client is very protective of their data. It isn’t allowed to leave particular hardware they have on-premises, even via a secure connection, so they’ll probably have to buy their own Prodigy. I don’t feel too bad asking them to spend an extra $400. :grinning:

Okay, if that’s the case, then a company license pack is probably the best option. This will also let them run several projects at the same time. We were very conscious about this type of use case when we designed Prodigy – it also runs offline and never “phones home” or connects to any external server (except for when you’re using the live APIs, obviously). So being able to set your client up with a non-SaaS solution like this might even be a nice value-add to your services :smiley: