Does prodigy support a free trial?

It’d be helpful to show the people who’d be paying for it (my client) before asking them to purchase.

Based on my experience, “consultant convinces client to buy Prodigy” is going to be a part of your business model.

I’ve already delivered a sales pitch for Prodigy. I can see giving more in the future. The gist of it is “You can use whatever annotation tool you like, but I think this one is particularly good and it plays nice with spaCy, which is what we’re using on the backend.”

I can imagine scenarios in which a consultant just buys Prodigy for the client and includes the cost of the 5-seat license in their price. For big jobs, this cost is comparatively minimal.

Anything you do to facilitate this process will probably be good for your business.

Unfortunately we don’t currently have a downloadable demo. There are a few ways people produce demo versions, and all seemed to us to involve quite a lot of of work. We think it’s better for everyone if we spend that time making Prodigy better.

We hope freelancers will find it economical to purchase their own personal license to Prodigy. The license will be usable across projects, and some clients might not need to purchase a license themselves – e.g. if the deliverable is a pre-trained model or annotated data.

If purchasing a personal license doesn’t work with your current situation, we might be able to find another way to help – email me?