Labels Translation in Prodigy UI

I would like to know if its possible to edit the prodigy UI. So what I want to do is translate the labels only in the UI while keeping the label as it is in the backend. For example, I have 2 labels person and location. In the UI, I want them to appear as translated to a specific language but in the dataset, they will appear as person and location. Do you think that's possible?


Hi! There's no built-in feature for this at the moment but I'll put this on my list of enhancements because it could be a cool feature to have :blush:

There are different workarounds I can think of, depending on your use case:

If your main goal is to provide more information about the labels, you could use the annotation instructions to provide a table of labels and translations, and maybe even additional information (like how you define the label):

Alternatively, you could just use the translated labels and then have a post-process that replaces them with the unified label that you want to use for training later. It's one extra step, but it's a relatively simple search & replace that you can easily do programmatically.

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I did use the instructions and will probably just use the translated labels. It will be really cool to see it in the future, thank you alot for your time :smiley:

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