start to annotate pre-defined labels in python

Dear Ines,

we have a text data of a book, we want to annotate based on some labels. what is the starting point, I could follow your documentation. can I work with prodigy in my Jupyter lab and python?


Hi! When you say “annotate based on some labels”, what do you mean exactly? Do you want to assign one or more labels to a text? Do you want to highlight spans in a text and assign labels to them? How many labels do you have?

The default usage of Prodigy is via the command line, and if you’re using JupyterLab, you should be able to use the built-in terminal, or add a the command to a cell with a !, e.g. ! python -m prodigy .... We’re also working on a JupyterLab extension that will let you annotate in a widget without having to leave JupyterLab :smiley:

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Dear Ines,
first, It seems still have problem with run prodigy in my browser,

I followed the instruction in your website, it seems still does not work, I could not run from cmd,
but I only ran from jupyter lab

import prodigy

prodigy.serve(‘ner.teach’, ‘dataset’, ‘en_core_web_sm’, ‘data.jsonl’,
None, None, [‘PERSON’, ‘ORG’], None, None)

I had interface (although I opeded browser manually http://localhost:8080/)
but it says
Oops, something went wrong :frowning:

it seems installation is correct (I have also folder in my directory and pip show I have prodigy)
can you let me know what should I do ?

we have five labels, and we want to assign to some each entity only one label


I've posted an answer to your question in the other thread: