Is there an interface for a static text block?

I am annotating a bunch of product titles from e-commerce marketplaces, and sometimes its useful to visit the marketplace URL for that product in order understand the context behind the title text (whats the product actually about, etc). Having the URL display alongside the annotation interface would greatly speed up my workflow. I already have access to these URLs, is there an interface to display a static block of text (my URL) alongside my annotation interface?

Hi! It sounds like this would be a good use case for an interface with multiple blocks: You could have one block of your main annotation interface and one text block showing your additional information. An even better fit would probably be a html block, since this gives you more flexibility and lets you format the information, add a link etc.

Alternatively, if it's just one link, you could also put it in the meta of the JSON example, e.g. {"text": "...", "meta": {"link": "https://..."}}. This will display the link in the bottom right of the annotation card and links will be clickable by default.

Thanks Ines, that's very useful information.