sticky header for responsive (smartphone) view


I would like to be able to have a sticky header that I can inject text into (e.g. "text" from the jsonl) for each annotation example. This way, for my custom html_template, which has custom annotation radio buttons/checkboxes, the original "text" from the jsonl is always visible as they scroll. (Normally I have just put it in the top of the html_template when the annotation interface is not too big/busy.)

I've been using blocks in my recipes and html_template & javscript in the config for this and the global_css in the prodigy.json file.

Since I am not an expert at the prodigy interface , would it be possible to create a small example recipe that does something similar to this using html_template & javascript in the recipe config, along with some amount of global_css I suppose?

If this already exists, sorry for the post, I've really looked everywhere in the Support forums for it.

Btw, the annotation usecase for this is an initial original text string and multiple translations of it, where each translation has a mini Likert scale type annotation feedback. I would like the annotators to be able to scroll through all of the multiple translations and label each of them, while also being able to see the original sequence at the top.

Thank you very much for everything you have done with prodigy and spacy!

I wrote a small tutorial on making text blocks scrollable here:

Would that help in your situation?

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Thank you! Yes, this looks like it may be a solution. I'll work on this and let you know how it turns out.

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I adapted your scrollable text block for my use case, thank you!