Combining 'text' and 'ner_manual' interfaces with different text?

Hi- thanks for all the documentation and a great software! I was wondering if there is a way to combine the 'text' and 'ner_manual' interfaces and display different texts? It looks like they have the same key for 'text'.. any one tried this? any code samples I can refer to? thanks!

( if not, is there a solution where I can add a piece of text to the ner input which doesn't allow annotations? thanks!)

Hi @mwadhwa !

Perhaps you can try combining interfaces via blocks? Because text and ner_manual are annotation interfaces, you can then combine them together.

Not quite sure what this means, but if you're getting your text from two different sources, you can do some initial preprocessing on your end (i.e., formatting your JSON input into something that your blocks can "read"), and then create a custom recipe. Here's a good example of how to put them together. So in case the first solution didn't fit, you might want to create a custom recipe.

Thanks for the reply!

I am aware of the interface blocks and i did write a custom recipe. However, I was asking if there is some way I can have different pieces of text in the text view and the ner_manual view?
Right now, if i have a key "text" in my jsonl input, that information gets displayed in the text as well as ner_manual view. Is there some way I can change the "key" from which the view gets the information?

thanks! apologies if it's confusing.

I was actually able to combine the html and the ner manual interface to achieve what I mentioned above! thanks!

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Thanks for the update and yes, that would have been my suggestion as well :+1: