How to format information being displayed under the "meta" tag?

Hi - I am creating an NER task for which I need to provide context for each data point. I was adding this as a key in the "meta" tag. Is there some way i can format the text in here so I can get proper line breaks etc? Thanks!

{"meta":{"history":"this is an example\nof how the input jsonl looks like\nthanks"}}

Hi! The default meta style is trying to be a subtle as possible but if you want full control of how you present additional meta information, one option could be to set up an interface with two blocks: one block of the annotation interface you're using and one html block that displays your meta info with any HTML formatting you want:

You can also use an HTML template to access information in the task JSON as variables, or overwrite the html key in the block if your meta stays the same for all tasks, so you don't have to hard-code it in every example in the JSON.

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Thanks! the html block actually really helped cause I was able to use a custom key to display the text!

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