iPad UI issues

In Safari on iPad parts of the UI are overlapping as shown in the screenshots below. They show the entire visible screen. In horizontal mode the save button is missing/cut off. It can’t be fixed by scrolling unfortunately.

I use my iPad a lot for annotation and these layout issues do get in the way sometimes. Please let me know if I can help resolve these.


That's strange :thinking: I've played with Prodigy on iPad a lot and I've never seen this... I'll need to try and reproduce this later. Do you know which iOs / Safari version you're running on your iPad?

Also, one thing to try: are you able to "zoom out"? Like, with two fingers and moving them towards each other?

This is on an iPad Pro 9.7” with iPadOS 13.3.1.

Zooming out indeed helps. Although I have to zoom in first, otherwise it goes to the tab overview. The issue is back again after a page reload though.

Thanks for checking – that definitely makes it a lot easier to debug and might explain what's going on.

Safari tends to auto-zoom if form fields / form controls are too small. As far as I know, this is only relevant for text inputs, dropdowns and not for radio buttons... but I still suspect something similar is going on and it seems to think it needs to zoom in :thinking: I definitely don't want to be messing with the browser zoom (being able to zoom in is good), so I'll play around with some formatting to convince it that there's no need to zoom. Might be as simple as setting a font size on that radio input...

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By the way, here’s another layout issue. The label header bar overlays the sidebar. Not a huge deal, but probably also a quick fix.

Okay, so the overlay issue is fixed (plus another small issue on small screens that I found along the way). But I'm really struggling to reproduce the zoom problem :weary: I think I got it once, right after updating to iPadOS 13.3.1,but then it never happened again... testing it on a 10.5" iPad Air with iPadOS 13.3.1. Could you check your Safari settings and check what the default zoom is set to? Also, this is specific to Safari, right, or does it also happen in other browsers?

Interestingly I can’t reproduce it myself right now. So maybe the upgrade to 1.9.7 fixed it.

Update: I force-closed Safari, opened it again and voila. The issue is back. So not fixed :frowning:

Anyway, I checked my Safari settings and default zoom is set to 100%. Also, my iPad is 9.7”. Maybe size matters?

I’m only using Safari, so don’t know about other browsers.

The only time it came up for me was right after the upgrade when my iPad restarted. It'd be weird if it depends on the screen size... but I'll see if I can replicate it in an emulator.

We also just released v1.9.8 and I includes a small adjustment that maybe changes things... or not... but since it had no side-effects, I just included it in the release.