How to check logs in ubuntu

Hi, team
I am getting problem with logs in prodigy.

My command is
python3.5 -m prodigy ner.make-silver misseddata19kto22kconsis tpmodel missdeddata19kto22kfinal.jsonl --label Techskill,Softskill,Duration,EducationUniversity,EducationDegree,EducationSubject,Location,Title,DescriptiveTitle,DescriptiveTechskills,Descriptivesoftskills,Descriptivebothskills --patterns skill_patt.jsonl -F & > logs.txt
above command is not printing any logs can u give me you explaination
to fix this issue.

Hi Pradeep,

You can set the log level with the environment variable PRODIGY_LOGGING. Example:

export PRODIGY_LOGGING="basic" # or "verbose"

In the command above, this should populate your logs.txt with the log messages. You can also get the messages both printing to the console and redirected to a file, using some redirect trickery and the tee command. I think that would look something like &>&1 | tee logs.txt